How do I make a booking?

The preferred method of contact is  text (emails often end up in spam unnoticed)
Please include the following essential information:

  • Name
  • Date and time
  • Location
  • Duration of the booking
  • Booking type

Phone calls will not be answered but enquiries via text will be responded to promptly.


How far in advance do I need to book?

I take same day appointments when I am able. I also book sessions weeks or months in advance (especially when I tour). I suggest that once you want to lock in a day/time, that you pay your deposit to hold that spot.


Are you 100% independent?

Yes, I am 100% independent. Due to this please be patient with my replies, I will get back to you as soon as I can.


Do you have any tattoos or piercings?

Yes, I have 3 tiny tattoos and my ears are pierced.


Are the images on your site recent?

All images are of real me in my own wardrobe. If you like something I am wearing from the images just request which set and I would love to show it off during our date. Each depict I take great pride in my appearance and I have maintained a healthy lifestyle and feminine body over the years.


Are you able to send me a photo of your face?

No, this will never be accommodated. My privacy is of upmost importance to me and this would jeopardise that. It protects my privacy and in turn ensures society does not know who I am, meaning any „date“ with me will never encounter whispers from an outsider about myself on your arm.
You are always welcome to follow me on Instagram as I post on there very regularly: https://www.instagram.com/sophie_foxoxo/


May I take photographs of you?

The simple answer is no. Please respect my wish and do not ask during our time together.


What is the best way to contact you?

I like texts because it’s straight forward and an easy back and forth exchange. Talking on the phone is not always discreet for me especially if I’m running errands like at the bank or supermarket.


What information will you request?

The obvious information such as your name, and where and when is required for a date to go ahead. Further information is needed when visiting a private residence. Let me try to put your mind at ease, I fiercely respect privacy both yours and mine. I have no intention of sharing your private information with anyone. Discretion is the default of a true professional courtesan.


Where can we meet?

I am available to go to your luxury hotel room, private residence or I can be available in my incall. Please advise me of your preference so I may dress accordingly. Classy yet seductive is my default for public encounters.


Do you offer an incall?

A private incall can be arranged.


Is your incall location discreet?

My incall location is my private apartment or 4/5 star hotels depending on the current location. Discretion is assured by me and expected by you.


What about my personal details, will my privacy be respected?

Absolute discretion is exercised with all your personal information. I’m old school where I still believe the foundation of the sex industry is based and dependent on discretion, trust and honesty. I don’t keep your phone number unless you ask me to. And even if you’ve said I can keep your number – I don’t contact you if I’m having a quiet day to ask you to come see me. Cold calling is not my style. I only contact you under the circumstances you have said I can, such as to notify you of tours.


Do you offer natural sex as I don’t like using condoms?

No, I can’t do that for reasons such as sexual health, which is very important to me.


Why aren’t you available 24/7?

Do you work 24/7? No? Neither do I. It’s not physically possible for me to do so.


Do you confirm our date?

I will send you a text the day before or on the day of our date just to confirm if all is well.


Do you accept credit cards?

No, sorry. I only accept cash or electronic transfer. The contribution within the unsealed envelope can be handed to me or left in a visible place at the beginning of our date.


What if I need to cancel?

If due to an occurrence you must sadly cancel our date, please inform me as soon as possible. A minimum of 2 hours notice is preferable, but understandably not always easy to provide. A cancellation fee upon booking again is up to my discretion. I am very understanding towards circumstances as we dance secretly behind closed doors.


Will you travel interstate to see me?

This is possible with enough notice and after an initial date where chemistry has been established.